Jim Kalbach of Mural on Visual Collaboration

Phil McKinney
2 min readJan 17

As the world descended into lockdowns, a new era of digital visual collaboration was born. Companies shifted to remote working with an unprecedented speed, creating a critical need for effective tools that could keep teams connected and productive — one such tool is the digital whiteboard. Since the pandemic, new collaboration modes outside of remote work have arisen, such as in-person, asynchronous, synchronous, and hybrid. The challenge has been finding tools where these different modes can be effective. Jim Kalbach believes in shifting the focus from all remote to ensuring teams can work fluidly throughout these different modes. This will ensure that teams can collaborate anywhere and anytime to develop innovative ideas.

Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at Mural, joins us in discussing innovation efforts in the world of visual collaboration.

Experimentation and Understanding

Having an experimental mindset is key while concepts are developing. It can be a challenge while experimenting with new techniques and tools. Still, a willingness to experiment and try different things, along with having patience when concepts don’t work out, is crucial in improving visual collaboration.

As modes for digital whiteboards change, Jim says the key to understanding the change underway is having the proper mindset. You have to come in with the mindset that things start and end digitally. Understanding a digitally defined workplace is important because even if you are in person, other parts of your team could be remote. Therefore, it is vital to understand the platforms other team members are using so that things run smoothly.

Collaborative Intelligence

Making team collaboration intentional is vital in ensuring your team is productive, creative, and innovative. Coming at situations with collaborative intelligence will ensure your teams have all they need to thrive. Having a method that your team follows, facilitating a culture of…

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